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Personal development is very vital, because it is the key to continual relevance in life.


“If you are not informed, you’ll be deformed”

“If you are not updated, you’ll be outdated”

“If you are not inspired, you will expire”

“If you are not in the know, you cannot be in the flow”

The above quote reveals the mark of underdevelopment.

  • I spoke as a child
  • I understood as a child
  • I thought as a child

The way you speak, your level of understanding, your thought-pattern or mindset all reveal if you are a child (Immaturity) or a man (maturity). You cannot give what you don’t have, so self- development is very vital especially in this fast-changing world. It’s time to put away childish things and move on to the higher level of development.

(1) SPEAKING: – You need to develop your communication skill, vocabulary, diction, accent etc to bring yourself into a higher realm of operation. Many people have made millions as a result of their investment in personal development. Pastors, motivational speakers, comedians e.t.c. make money everyday from their speaking. If you discover you have a deficiency in these areas, numerous books, tapes, seminars and materials abound that will aid your personal development.

Your communication skills which include speaking, writing, listening and reading; your vocabulary, your diction, your accent e.t.c. can all be developed to the best level if you work at them.

(2)UNDERSTANDING: – Life is a school; life is a journey and only those who have clear insight and understanding excel in life. You need to have clear understanding about different aspects and issues of life. And that is why continual development is a must. You need to study well to have understanding of:

– People-skill

– People’s temperament

– Human Relations

– Public Relations

– Human Psychology e.t.c.

Wisdom demands that you do everything within your power to increase your level of understanding on a continual basis.

(3)THINKING: – Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body, and to develop a strong reading culture helps educate one’s mind and develop one’s thinking. Man is a spirit, a man has a soul and lives in a body, it is therefore vital for the three parts of man to be simultaneously and consistently developed so that their will be a total development of the total man.



Your spirit can be developed by and through the following.

  • Daily bible reading
  • Daily prayer routine
  • Weekly consistent fellowship with others
  • A lifestyle of worship.
  • Prayer in the spirit daily
  • Reading inspirational books.
  • Service in God’s house


THE SOUL (mind, will, emotion, intellect)

The soul which is the seat of the mind, your will, your emotion and the intellect also needs to be developed, and this can be done via:

  • Reading various books
  • Exposure
  • Relationship and traveling
  • Information e.t.c.



The body definitely needs to constantly develop and that is why everybody eats. You need to look into:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Physical fitness
  • Dieting and food intake
  • Dress sense
  • Packaging and Appearances e.t.c.


You need to give attention to all the areas we have examined i.e. the speech, understanding, thought, spirit, soul, body because they are all vital to your personal development.

Be the best you can be in life, and aim to be exceptional, because there is no end to learning and development. The day you stop learning, you start dying. As you give personal development a priority in your life, obstacles continually give way because whatever you can’t handle today, you can handle tomorrow.

The first man to ever climb to the top of Mount Everest (the tallest mountain in the world) failed at the first attempt, but he went away to return. While working away he turned back at the mountain and said, “Everest! You have grown to your highest height to grow no more, I am going back to grow and I will come back and defeat you because I still have time to grow”

He came back and conquered Everest because he went away to develop himself. That is the power of personal development, it makes every thing possible. If not today – tomorrow.

Go for Gold!

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