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Many in our world today want to become wealthy and financially free but do not know how and some who know how don’t act on what they know. Wealth Creation as the name implies shows that wealth has to be created and any creation involves a creator, raw materials, and a process etc. Anyone who wants to create wealth needs to note and follow these eight simple steps:


1. Discover your gift/talents/potential

  • Your gold is tied to your gifts
  • Your treasure is tied to you talents
  • Your profiting is tied to your potential

The first step towards wealth creation is discovering what you have in you. No one is born empty. We all have at least one gift, talent or potential that can be discovered, developed and deployed to create wealth; instead of roaming through life aimlessly and hoping for a lucky day. Anyone who wants to create wealth must concentrate on discovering what he/she has so that their journey of wealth can proceed.


2. Discover your target market

Every gift, talent, potential, product, service etc has a market. After discovering what you have, you need to find out who needs it. People only pay you for creating values because money flows in exchange for value. Not everybody needs what you have. So, discovering your target market helps you speed up your creation of wealth. Your networth is determined by your network; so, the bigger your market and targeted network, the greater your income.


3. Develop your product/service

Money flows in the direction of value, and you don’t get something for nothing. Without a product or a service, you can’t create wealth because you are not bringing anything to the table. Look into yourself. Do a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and come out with products and services you can exchange for money and you are already creating your wealth.


4. Develop your uniqueness and packaging

Once you discover what you have and your market, you now need to carve a niche for yourself by developing your uniqueness and packaging yourself, your products/service to reach your target and get a good chunk of the market. Your uniqueness is what separates you from others in the market and your packaging goes a long way to determine patronage.


5. Publicise your product/service

It has been generally said that products without publicity is like winking in the dark and expecting a response.

Good product + No publicity = Bad Sales

Bad product + Good publicity = Some Sales

Good product + Good publicity = Great Sales

You need to use every opportunity you have to let people know of your product and services.


6. Market your products/services

Publicity is one thing; marketing is another. In order to create wealth, you don’t just publicise and make noise about your products and services, you need to create strategies and structures to market them and make sure people pay for them because if they know about the products and can’t access or see them to buy, you won’t make sales. There are adverts that have become popular like nursery rhymes but getting the product to buy is another thing because it is not widely spread.


7. Manage your cash flow

It is not how much you make that matters but what you do with what you make. A lot of people make money but because of improper money management, they are not able to multiply their money and create wealth. You must know how to manage your cash flow so that you can create wealth. Get a copy of my book, “Pathway to Wealth” or any wealth creation CD to help you in this area.


8. Enjoy your wealth

It is so amazing that people will labour to create wealth and still find it difficult to enjoy their wealth because they have become addicted to labour. I have seen people lose their health in pursuit of wealth only to now try to use the wealth to buy back their health.

Enjoying your wealth is a way to perpetuate and preserve wealth because it will give you peace and comfort to keep moving. Eat well. Rest well. Exercise regularly. Go on holiday. Relax etc; so that you can really enjoy your wealth.

Don’t die before your time lest others eat the fruit of your labours.

I wish you well.


To Your Success,

Olumide Emmanuel

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